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Meet Reselo

Curious scientists, visionary entrepreneurs, planet-positive rebels.

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3 Roadmaps (1).png

Caroline Grimler
Project Manager

Chao Chen
Material Scientist

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Esia Nathaniel
Chief Commercial Officer


Fredrik Björnerbäck
Lead Process Engineer

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Gun Blom-Lundgren
Board Member

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Henrik Otendal


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Josefin Larsson
Chief Product Officer

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Kresty Zakko
R&D Technician

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Thomas Baumgarten

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The Story of Reselo

Reselo started as a research project at the Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC) at KTH







Co-founder Thomas had just completed his PhD studies and was then joining WWSC as a post-doc under the supervision of Dr. Lauren McKee.

Supported through a WWSC stipend, Thomas’ task was to valorise birch bark. After almost 2 years of intense research, Thomas had developed a process to produce a novel elastomeric biomaterial from birch bark named Nordic Bio-Rubber and known today as Reselo Rubber. To explore the commercial potential of this invention, Thomas approached KTH Innovation the business development support office at KTH.

After an initial evaluation, Gustav Notander from KTH Innovation became Thomas’ business coach providing guidance and support in market research, business development and IP questions.

Gustav encouraged Thomas to join the Start-up Climate Action Challenge initiated by Norrsken and Sting to get feedback on this business idea.

There Thomas met Josefin, Henrik and Alex and together formed the Greener Materials team. Encourage by the positive feedback from Sting and Norrsken Reselo was founded in December 2020, with the vision to transform todays fossil-centred industry into a sustainable bioeconomy.

Reselo received the first funding from Vinnova which was followed by being recognised on the IVA’s 100 list and winning the Swedish Venture Cup start-up competition as well as joining the Sting Incubate Deeptech program in the same year.

With very limited resources, the team managed to demonstrate scalability and commercial feasibility of the production process and received overwhelming interest from customers. 

Reselo sold the first kg of Reselo Rubber to a global fashion brand which was a huge achievement for such a young company.

In collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL, we proved Reselo Rubber has a much lower carbon footprint than commonly used fossil-based rubbers, thus allowing to quantify the positive impact of the technology.

In the same year, we secured funding from the Swedish Energy Agency to support process development and scale-up activities. To strengthen our network within the forestry industry and advance building their business, Reselo joined the BizMaker Forest Accelerator program.

Reselo's acceleration journey was kicked off by securing an prestigious EIC Accelerator grant of €2.5M. The EIC success allowed us to expand the team and make the first prototypes together with our earliest pioneering partners..

Accelerating commercialisation and strategic partnerships.

About Reselo

Driven by phasing out fossil-derived materials with renewable alternatives to enable truly sustainable living. Achieving this globally requires enormous efforts of the chemical industry, moving away from using crude oil as primary feedstock to use renewable biomass for the production of materials and products at scale. 


We want to facilitate this transition by following the impact-trough-scale concept, looking beyond simply demonstrating what is possible, but instead implementing real change as soon as possible.


With our Reselo Rubber, we are helping to replace the more than 15 million tons of synthetic rubbers that are produced every year from fossil resources with a material that is - to 100% -  generated from birch bark. 

Importantly, we are not implementing Reselo Rubber into niche applications but target directly major markets like footwear and the automotive industry. We believe this strategy allows us to have the greatest impact, both for the benefit of the environment as well as the profitability of our business.

- Josefin Larsson, Henrik Otendal, Thomas Baumgarten, Co-Founders

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